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The most sophisticated, wide ranging propaganda campaign in history tunes the minds of all people of the European Union towards harmoniously working together for some Brave New World. So powerful is the tune that any criticism of the EU jars and jangles against the harmonious song of EU integration. Those who warn of danger face taunts of "extremists, xenophobes, Little Englanders" or other such abuse. In the UK we are made to feel embarrassed and alone among EU nations for not being "Good Europeans".


  1. Opinion polls by the EU itself of 55,000 people ACROSS THE EU show people think it elitist, bureaucratic and less popular than any time in the last 40 years. There are 42 countries in Europe - only 15 are in the EU.

  2. In 1993 UN statistics showed the 3 richest countries in Europe to be Switzerland, Norway (which twice voted against EU membership!) and Sweden - all of them at the time outside the EU.

  3. Then in 1993 SWEDEN voted narrowly (52% - 48%) to join the EU after their Government used taxpayers money to spend 20 times more on the YES campaign than the NO campaign could afford. Since then inflation has shot up. There is now a large majority against the EU and huge political pressure for another referendum.

  4. When NORWAY and SWITZERLAND voted against EU membership their currency and Stock markets rose and interest rates fell. This gave the lie to the scare campaign that the opposite would happen.

  5. Two thirds of all GERMANS are against giving up the DM for a single currency. 80% of Germans think the single Currency would be unstable. Only 16% thought there was any benefit in EU membership. Meanwhile German industry's money is bolting out of the EU altogether, notably to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Baltic States, ignoring huge grants to invest in the EU.

  6. A large majority of AUSTRIANS complain that the EU brings "overwhelming disadvantages".

  7. FINLAND has elected 100% of MEPs on a Eurosceptic ticket. The BALTIC STATES, HUNGARY, POLAND and CZECH REPUBLIC, all once strongly in favour of joining, now find public opposition growing fast.

  8. 70% of DUTCH people are demanding a vote on the Single Currency and 46% say they will vote against.

  9. ICELAND and GREENLAND have withdrawn from the EU altogether. They do very well thank you.

  10. A DENMARK referendum on the Maastricht Treaty gave a NO vote but, with outrageous undemocratic petulance, politicians made them vote again giving dire warnings if they voted NO. They voted YES- only just! In FRANCE a referendum was also nearly defeated despite a grossly overfinanced Government YES campaign.


Other people in the EU are as sick of it as we are. Their minds are daily twisted by the guile of their politicians, media and corporate industry. EU propaganda relentlessly fosters the feeling that the EU superstate is "an inevitablity". Some hope (some even relish the hope) to "work from within", correcting "flaws", creating something more "positive". Socialists have ambitions for EU development and Corporate business has its own agenda. These factions in unholy "harmony" always create centralisation of power, corruption, economic decay and, most ominously of all, political repression -

Virtually indistinguishable from the old Soviet Union - the die of European Integration is set - unalterable - irreversible.

A New European Order under a new name - The question now is how can ordinary Europeans put a stop to it!



The Forestry Reproductive Materials directive (66/404 - based on a German Forestry Law of 1963, in turn based on the Nazi Forestry Race Law of 1934) wants to preserve genetic purity in trees. British Oaks, with a natural tendency to hybridise, could not meet the new standards. To sell acorns from such oaks is now a criminal offence. By 1995 75% of new oaks were from imported acorns - not at all adapted to UK conditions - much more susceptible to species disease.

This leaflet (1 of a series of 12) is a rare chance for people to learn something of -


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