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"We are working discreetly ........ and all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands"

Arnold Toynbee - Historical researcher and founding father of the EU

  1. European politicians peddle enthusiasm for the EU by not telling the truth about it to their electors. In 1947 Peter Thorneycroft (later Lord and Chairman of the Conservative Party) said "The British People must be led slowly and unconsciously into an abandonment of their traditional economic defences, not asked........" Like Arnold Toynbee above and politicians over Europe since, this shows a contempt, disregard for and complete distrust of democracy. (Why politicians might do this is an issue for another TEC leaflet).
  2. A European Union built on lies and deceit making the world less stable.

    But whose idea was the EU?

  3. 1930's fascists Hitler and Mosley had "Europe A Nation" as their slogan.

    Hitler's 1942 "Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft" translates to "European Economic Community", a fact to send a chill warning down our "harmonised" European spines. It gave plans for One European state with One currency and One central bank. (Their other slogan was "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!" - "One People, One Empire, One Leader!") 1940s German Foreign Minister Carl Clodius said there would be a currency and customs union across Europe. Hitler's plans included state subsidies to landowners and protectionism for European Corporate Industry. Not surprisingly Corporate Industry (including Britain's!) supported Hitler's plans.

    Hitler, once elected with the support of such people, transfered power to himself through emergency laws designed to bypass the German Parliament.

  4. And Now...........

  5. Today National and European Parliaments are bypassed in the same way by the unelected officials of the EU Commission and EU bureaucrats. EU Treaties signed so far give unelected EU Commissioners absolute power to rule Britain by directive and regulation which our Parliament is Treaty bound to pass into British law - and powerless to oppose! Likewise subsidies and protectionism of EU Corporate industry is commonplace.

    Working documents circulate in the EU on the centralised collection of taxation (VAT) and proposals to make uniform tax laws, pensions and financial services.

    Alone in the EU British politicians are in a state of denial as to what is actually happening. Their re-assuring messages to the British public are widely publicised at home - and ridiculed in the rest of Europe!

    Abolition of border controls and duty free goods (estimated costs of which will completely wipe out a single currency's only economic advantage - reduced money handling charges) is needed for the Euro-State to develop.

    After the war America supported the EEC for political reasons. They pushed the British Government to sacrifice British, Commonwealth and EFTA interests and to apply for EU membership. Today it is clear the EU is not very USA-friendly and some Americans are beginning to see things quite differently. (See quote below.)

From the Romans, through Charlemagne, Napolean and Hitler, this recurring dream - turning into a nightmare

A European Super State Going Round In Circles


Quote: "How can you let a country with a great history for 20 generations, disappear as a province of a bureaucratic Euro-State run by Helmut Kohl? I don't understand what is wrong with you!"
Pat Buchanan. (American Presidential Candidate 1996)

This leaflet (1 of a series of 12) is a rare chance for people to learn something of -


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