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The Truth About Europe Campaign (TEC) is independent of all groups or political parties. TEC is non-profit making. It does not ask you to join or donate to it in any way.

TEC leaflets only skim the surface of the real Truth about Europe. EU (our!) money is misused for massive propaganda campaigns. To counter this with real facts costs more of our own money and time. Below are some sources of information, organisations, etc. who give public information. TEC gains nothing from publishing this list - only the satisfaction of knowing that it helps people find out the real facts about the European Union.

If you know of another group or organisation which we might want to add to the above list, or if one of the above groups has a Website which we haven't listed, please email us with the details.

Note: - TEC does not publish details of organisations who may be racist, xenophobic or otherwise extremist.

Visit Cybertrucker's Website and find out why the speed limiters now fitted to British lorries by EU decree are actually killing lorry drivers. They're planning to fit limiters to cars as well, set to 62mph (that's right, sixty two!), so find out why Speed Limiters Kill!

Another CalTech website!

Also an excellent book exposing the mischief of the European Union (from Eurofacts above)

The Castle Of Lies - by Christopher Booker and Dr Richard North

ISBN 0 7156 2693 0

or order it from your library today to really learn -

The Truth about Europe

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