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"(Learn to love Big Brother or the European Union will fail)"


The European Union only admits spending 200 million pounds a year on propaganda.

The following facts (not in order but frightening in places) shows 200 million is unbelievably low.

  1. EU grants are given on condition that the EU is well publicised, (i.e flying the European flag prominently or by high levels of publicity given in local and regional newspapers etc). UK share of admitted propaganda spending is 20,000,000. We also give large sums to the EU propaganda unit- The European Movement.
  2. The EU pays 5% of production costs of TV soaps, game shows and other "Audio-Visuals" if they use a "Euro-friendly" plot. (TV series `Highlander`, made by French company Gaumont, was amongst first to benefit.)
  3. Hundreds of Economists, Heads of Associations, Journalists, etc. are paid 200 a time for lectures .... but only for giving the EU point of view. (An Austrian Minister was actually forced to resign for accepting such bribes!)
  4. Every school and learning establishment in the EU has masses of glossy,very expensively produced EU literature thrown at them to use in school projects and research. Even children in infant Schools are given EU colouring books which entice them to "Let's Draw Europe Together"!! Such "Educational and Informational" material alone costs hundreds of millions every year.
  5. Hundreds of Offices manned by many thousands of staff all over the EU distribute free EU literature and information and assist Mobile Units visiting schools, universities and public places for the purposes of "dissemination of information about the EU" - (i.e. EU propaganda).
  6. Many hundreds of journalists based at EU headquarters double and treble their incomes by taking on the work of writing reports and other forms of `moonlighting` for various parts of the EU bureaucracy.
  7. Millions of full colour newspapers are distributed free to homes "celebrating" the European Union and our "deep attachment to European Construction". Such "Euro-speak" language reminiscent of the Dalek-language of the old Soviet Union and other extremist regimes.
  8. Thousands of Meetings, Conferences and Seminars, largely financed by the EU are stage managed every year on EMU or suchlike. The EU provide paid speakers who always push the EU line. Press releases report enthusiastic support for EU policies. Those invited are usually people of business, influence or power; who are carefully flattered and overwhelmed with EU propaganda and hospitality.
  9. Organisations, groups, media and businesses not spreading the "right" message about the EU tend to lose out on financial favours.
  10. Vast sums of money are available to politicians, secretaries, researchers, interpeters, reporters and indeed anybody connected with the European Political Empire. No wonder all major political parties, whatever they say, always end up toeing the EU line, signing each and every treaty; trading our future for their gravy train.

The European Union needs to show it has enthusiastic support, in particular from corporate groups (the CBI), Industry (Unions) and politicians. It also needs to make us feel that the process of Europeanisation is one of historical momentum and the future (targeting young people in particular).

Billions of our money squandered brainwashing us to love the EU.


Did you know? - The European Union Library is so little used by Europe's politicians that each book used costs the European Taxpayer 46,500. These library books really are worth their weight in gold!

This leaflet (1 of a series of 12) is a rare chance for people to learn something of -


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