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  1. A FLAG AND AN ANTHEM - The EU has these - like any other country. EU flags fly above BBC H.Q., on public buildings, training premises, grant-aided businesses and even on churches across Britain.
  2. A CIVIL SERVICE - In 1973 the number of EU Civil Servants was put at 12,071. By 1993 it was in excess of 26,000 (although the EU is reluctant to give specific figures). Civil Servants in all countries work on EU activities.
  3. A COMMON CURRENCY - 11 EU states already in the Euro. Prime Minister Blair subtly changes his language from "IF" to "WHEN" Britain joins EMU.
  4. A NATIONAL POLICE FORCE - Article 10 of The Europol Convention (agreed by Ministers but not by Parliament!) turns Europol from a liaison body between police forces to an operating arm of the EU answerable only to a Management Body (In the USA the FBI is at least answerable to an elected Congress!).
    Activities - extended from immigration, drugs and arms trafficking to murder, personal injury, corruption, racism, environmental crime and xenophobia (including people opposed to EU integration!?). They will have powers of arrest, search and confiscation. Habeas Corpus and Magna Carta cannot protect us.
    Records - detailing "suspects, persons likely to offend, possible future witnesses, victims, possible informants" (anyone missing?). Covers 52 types of information like behavior, lifestyles, routine and character information.
  5. COMMON DEFENCE & FOREIGN POLICY - The EU Amsterdam and Maastricht Treaties make explicit provision for a common EU Defence and Foreign Policy. Slow, indecisive and weak (as in the Yugoslavian Civil Wars - eventually sorted out by NATO action). Against British world interests (like the fishing dispute with Canada).
  6. REGIONAL POLICY - EU financed Committee of Regions (COR) already in place. Cuts across national boundaries (e.g. "The North West Metropolitan Area" includes S.E. England & London, N.E. France, Brussels and part of Western Germany). Local councillors across Britain attend these EU arranged COR meetings. Every County Council in Britain has offices and staff in Brussels, paid for by council taxes. They deal directly with the EU, bypassing National Government. Towns and villages twinned within the EU take a Twinning Oath including the words " join forces to secure a successful outcome to this European Union".
  7. COMMON UNITS OF MEASUREMENT - Metrication & decimalisation is so complete in Britain it is a criminal offence to use imperial measurements. Yet metric units have been legal in Britain for over 100 years (except hardly anybody wanted to use them!) The vast & various transition costs will never be fully known.
  8. LAW - 85% of British law now is as a result of EU law. EU Directives and Regulations from unelected Commissioners are interpreted into British law by unelected Civil Servants. Parliament is bypassed by Ministerial Order or Statutory Instrument without MPs awareness. Article K7, Amsterdam Treaty, gives the European Court of Justice power to over-rule national Courts (incidentally proving the Queen is no longer sovereign). Some EU judges are not even legally qualified! The EU Court is a political court devoted to (in its own words) "....overcoming the resistance of National Governments to European integration".

And with common EU borders, EU citizenship with passports, quotas, VAT and tariffs etc., etc., -



In the 670m new EU Parliament MEP's perks are:- 1. Offices with 7000 shower-bathroom units and drop-down beds. 2. 175 a day for just signing on even if they go straight home claiming massive travel expenses en route (-no receipts needed!!). One Spanish MEP made an astute career move to Tenerife gaining 86,000 a year - tax free! 3. A massive salary. 4. Secretarial allowances of 85,000 given to wives & daughters. 5. Pensions, free parking, (isn't "Johnny Two-Jags" Prescott planning to tax you and me for parking at work?), subsidised living - these pampered defenders of EU democracy have the lot. So what do MEPs do? Well they can be consulted by, and give advice to, the EU Commission (those unelected officials who actually make EU law). That's all! Not democracy ........but the money should cover it!!

This leaflet (1 of a series of 12) is a rare chance for people to learn something of -


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